Our Vision

To see a collaborative, confident and comparison-free community of women.


Her Progress (formerly known as the WIP Movement) was founded on late August 2017 by Valerie Cabadonga on the revelation that we have a banquet of blessings and provision prepared for us by God that only we can access (Job 42:5-6) and our journey to this pave the paths for the people behind us who are also in the pursuit of taking hold what God has for them (Genesis 50:20).

From a very young age, Valerie learnt from her parents that ‘we are blessed to be a blessing.’ The wisdom and skills that we have learnt in our journey are blessings that we can impart to others. It sends someone a message that they are not alone in their struggles, supported in their endeavours and
celebrated in their progress. No matter how big or small.


watch valerie's podcast interview on her progress and vulnerability
with annemarie cross in the ambitious entrepreneur podcast network.



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We believe that the only way we can appreciate how far we've gone is to celebrate our moments no matter how big or small.


We believe that surrounding ourselves with the right people with the right mindset are important for our overall well-being and our progress.


We believe in the strength that lies within vulnerability. It is through our vulnerability that we find the power to connect and liberate others.


We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing. We want to live this out by sharing our lessons and journey in our words and action.


We believe that our spiritual devotion is centre in our lives and the mission we have been called to do. We pursue a personal and intimate relationship with God through prayer, worship and His Word.


We believe in the importance and guidance of our families. It is their love, support and guidance that instilled in us to live a values-led life in all areas.



Q: If you were in a speed dating scenario and only have a minute to talk, what are the top five things you will say about yourself?


valerie cabadonga | Founder & content creator 

  • I'm 24 years old (or I like to call my Kobe years) and I currently live in the beautiful little capital city of Wellington, New Zealand.
  • I have two puppies names Bruno and Boomer, and they are the best puppies ever. I am always excited to come home with two energetic balls of fur.
  • I am an outgoing and bubbly person. Yay! But I also got days that I just want to have my own time alone and enjoy my own company
  • Apart from writing, singing is another outlet for me. I love singing. Even when I'm doing house chores, I will belt out some Whitney Houston for you.
  • Oh and I loooooooooove desserts! I'd like to say that I make one kickass apple pie!

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