Project Fearless x Wellington

Project Fearless x Wellington



This has been a word in my heart since the start of July and over that month of rest, God was telling me one thing: it is time to have a generation of fearless women who takes hold of God’s purpose and run with it.

It’s about time we put the fears behind and look into the future hopeful, faith-led and fearless.

This workshop will help you pinpoint fears and its root in your life, and address them with vulnerability, strength, support and God’s word.

We will be having heaps of fun gal time, real talk and did I mention we are having desserts?

Our event is catered and sponsored by different businesses with female founders and/or leads around New Zealand.


  • Date and time: 1 September 2018 | 2 - 3.30pm

  • Location: James Coe 2, Dowse Museum - 45 Laings Rd, Lower Hutt

  • Dress Code: Come as you are!

*Ticket cost covers the expenses of the venue and catering.
*If you have bought a ticket and will no longer be able to come, please contact

Sponsored by: Passion is Joy, Zelati, House of Happy, The Sweet Life, Captured Write, Cami Style, Bloomshine Events…and more!

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