It’s finally nice to meet you! Like you, I am an everyday gal always after for some good laugh, food, puppy cuddles, and gal time.

I’ve always been asked by many on what prompted me to start Her Progress. Well, the idea of starting a blog again for women empowerment happened after reading a book by Lisa Bevere called Without Rival (if you haven’t read it, I strongly suggest you do). It said that there is a power behind every story. Our stories can help rise a person back up and enable them to have their own God encounter.

My story is that I was the gal who always that she was just second best. Who hasn’t right? I knew how to live in the shadows of those who I thought were more loved like a prettier friend, a more talented gal, or even an older brother. I believed in the lie that I will never be good enough, and that attention will never fall on me unless I do something better (or even worse).

So I strived and pushed myself to be better, not a better version of myself, but better than the person next to me. I constantly compared myself and beat myself up for not being good enough. And this went on for so long as I can remember that whenever I think of the turning point, I could only think of April 2017. Yes, that long!

The time that I have been awakened to the truth of who I am and what I am created to be, the freedom to finally be just me and work on me was liberating. It was definitely something that I wish I could have kept to myself for the rest of my life, but I knew deep within me that the stories and wisdom that have been passed down to me were given to bless others.

And from there the blog started.

Her Progress began its journey as a personal blog where I approach women to share their personal stories. But from one story to another, Her Progress became more than a just a blog. Over time, it became a community of women who are willing to be vulnerable, celebrate, and connect with each other from different walks of life and country even.

Who would have thought that it would become something like this? Not me. To be honest, I didn’t at the beginning, but I am so glad it had because Her Progress taught me so much about vulnerability, connection, celebration, and loving women without judgment and comparison. Just how to love wholly.

Seeing someone finding a home within the Her Progress community is truly rewarding and fulfilling, and it definitely continues to burn the fire deep within me to keep serving this community of women and those around me.

I really am glad for you to be part of our journey and our community, and I am excited to get to know you better!

Say hi when you get a chance, okay?

And lastly, welcome home, gal!

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