What is Your Word For 2019?

by Valerie Cabadonga


Hello, my beautiful and gorgeous friends! Happy New Year!

We are officially three weeks into the new year and boy has it been a slow one…well especially for me.

Our holiday back in the Philippines was totally packed (legit Amazing Race feels!) but I still counted it as a slow start because starting a new year with a holiday is pretty chill. And the year just got even slower since I am still recovering from my travel flu and some tonsillitis.

Even though things were slowly kicking in on my end, there wasn’t a day during my holiday that I pondered and meditated on my word for 2019. Since last year, I have decided to start a year with a word in my heart.

Last year, my word was expansion. I defined expansion as not about having more commitments that I would end up doing each one half-heartedly, but about digging deep into what I already have in my hands and expanding my knowledge, understanding, skills, and impact on that one area.

As I look back to what a year I’ve had, I am completely amazed on the expansion my life have had and have been blessed with especially when it comes to Her Progress (and I’m constantly poking myself to make sure I wasn’t just sleeping).

  • We collaborated with amazing bloggers around the world to share their stories and testimonies.

  • We rebranded from Work in Progress Movement to Her Progress, where we placed more focus on the life of your everyday girl.

  • We got featured in two international podcasts based in Australia.

  • We slowly introduced events which started with brunch club here in Wellington, followed by Project Fearless workshops later in the year in Wellington and in Auckland.

  • We formed relationships and partnerships with different small business here in New Zealand.

  • We are slowly seeing a tangible community of HP women consisting of women around the world.

  • And lastly, we are slowly receiving interests for volunteers to help us with our cause and mission.


Expansion didn’t just appear in the physical results of HP but in my faith and tenacity. 2018 has taught me how to hold on to my dreams and aspirations when times are tough. It taught me how to stick with my values even when taking shortcuts were the easiest way to go. It taught me to need of rest and to actually ask for help in times of need. It taught me about diligence and holding faith even in seasons where I could only focus on defeat. It taught me how to celebrate my victories and let them serve as reminders of my progress.

Throughout the year, having a mind and heart dedicated for expansion has taught me the most important characteristic of all: to be fearless. And after many prayers and meditation, I’ve decided for fearless to be my word for this year.

2019 is going to be a FEARLESS year y’all!

This year, I hold bold dreams and missions in my heart personally and for Her Progress. I especially desire to continue serving the women of New Zealand (and women around the world) with empowerment and enabling them with the tools to celebrate themselves and their value. With Her Progress, we want to create a lasting impact on the hearts of millennial women about their self-worth and self-love. We want to create more relatable content talking about women’s issues and more events to create a safe and loving community.

We want to make resources for women and start producing merchandises that will also contribute to charities and social enterprises in line with our cause. We are on a mission to see women empowered and be fearless when it comes to their God-worth and purpose. And we can only do that if we become fearless ourselves to take on every challenge despite the possible disappointments, frustrations, discouragements, and rejections that we will encounter along the way.

And I also want to be fearless in other areas of my life. To be fearless to ask questions, to talk about the controversial issues, to love people even when the world has already turned their backs on them. I want to make fearlessness as part of who I am and my lifestyle this year (and forever).

So what is your word for 2019?

Haven’t got your word yet?

Some people think that it’s just a something-something that people get caught up with and eventually forget…and maybe it is. But having to experience the power of it myself, I actually think its much bigger than just a something-something.

I believe having a word for the year is really powerful. Yes, sometimes, the word changes throughout the year, but I have found it to have set the tone of my 2018. It prepared my heart and mind for anything - any opportunities and possibilities - in line with the word. It gave me a reference point going forward when it comes to chasing my dreams, and when I look back to see all the blessings I have learned and received.

I think at the bottom of it all, a word of the year is a declaration. It is a declaration of what you are believing for this year. A declaration of faith and perseverance. A declaration of abundance in that area. A declaration of the even greater things that are yet to be unfolded. It is you taking a part when it comes to making your own reality.

So, if you haven’t had a word for this year yet, it is not yet too late! How about dropping your to-do list for an hour, and in your journal or a piece of paper, write your dreams, goals, and aspirations for 2019. After that, find the common theme or pray on what you are believing for this year, and you will find your word from there.

I really have this feeling that 2019 is going to be the best year yet for you and for me!

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