You are Worthy of Celebrating

Photo by  Ethan Robertson  on  Unsplash

"I am proud of you."

I know when I was growing up, these words were something that I've always wanted to hear. Win or lose; in academic or extracurricular activities, that five letter word was all I sought.

Why? Because it boosted my self-esteem. It made me realize that I am more than who I believed I was. If someone was proud of me, it felt like all my efforts didn't just go to waste. It made me realize that I am worthy of being celebrated and appreciated. As I grew up, someone's pride in me and my accomplishments became my benchmark and the building blocks of my self-confidence.

Nowadays, when I scroll through my social media feed, I see so many women with photos in pursuit of public validation. It looks like they badly want someone to tell them I am proud of you to the point that they're literally putting their body on the line.

As we rebrand WIP to Her Progress (a.k.a Her), we've wanted to know how we can help women find the worth they endlessly seek within themselves. In this rebranding process, not only do we want to share God's faithfulness and goodness, but we also want to celebrate you and your progress. We all face challenges, and whether you are in the middle of the valley or on the verge of a breakthrough, it is time to have a party and celebrate how strong you are and how much wiser you are becoming.

One way we can celebrate you is by focusing on interview-based testimonies via the phone or video (sometimes face-to-face), and actually getting to know you on a personal level. We hope that as we connect with you, you'll give yourself a moment to look back at your journey to celebrate and appreciate the many valleys that you have overcome and came out stronger and girlboss-er.

With this new focus, we want to solidify the message that you have the power to celebrate you, that is, self-celebration. Self-celebration is an act of self-love where you celebrate where you are now and how far you've come. While we are here cheering you on, there is greater power, motivation for consistency and appreciation when you learn to love and celebrate yourself.

Learning self-celebration increases your self-esteem. It allows you to find encouragement within yourself. It gives women constant joy, gratitude, and hope even when times are tough. It disputes unbelief and insecurities. It increases self-love in all its fullness. It allows you to appreciate yourself and stop comparing you to someone else. Self-celebration is something we need to cultivate if we are going to be confident women who boldly come to the throne of God and take hold of what is for her.

It's time to learn to cheer for yourself as much as you cheer for others. Imagine if you had that same enthusiasm for yourself and see what an unstoppable woman you are!

Through the whole journey of rebranding, it has given me time to look back on how a reserved, camera shy, stubborn and dependent girl grew up to be an independent, open-minded, outgoing woman of faith. Now, I have more appreciation for what I've become. I am more opportunistic in the present and more excited about the future. My new mindset accepts that challenges bring up and bring out the real you. It was through this that I had a revelation that you know what? It's time to stop beating myself up for missing out on something and start celebrating the tiny victories I have in other things.

So to start off our celebration, we've got some exciting news for you!

1. We will be having another giveaway to celebrate the transition of WIP into Her Progress. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media accounts to know all the details (*hint hint* how about check our social media accounts tomorrow). 

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2. We also have volunteer opportunities. If you wish to be a part of our team and believe what we stand for, we would like to hear from you.

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We hope that through this blog, you realize that there is so much more in you. Celebrating you here is our genuine way of saying we are proud of you, because girlfriend, you are worthy of celebrating.

Valerie xx