Christchurch Brunch Recap: The 'Why' Wake Up Call


10.35am: the Wellington gals and I arrived in the busy and famous C1 Espresso (where they serve your chips via a tube close to your table from the kitchen - so cool!) on a hunt for a good table for seven.

The closer the time ticked to 11.00 am, the more nervous I got. You see, at the start of this month, I was seriously thinking about cancelling this brunch because of the most common “demotivator” for gatherings: numbers.

From the time the event was announced mid-December 2018, only two people from Christchurch confirmed to come. Two people. I was still hopeful that the numbers will grow, but it never did. So, the closer the date of the event came, the more anxious I got. Was it the right thing to do? Was it too early to touch on another city? Am I moving too fast? For the whole plane ride, I was thinking that maybe I need time to reassess things.

But it didn’t take long for me to realise that this brunch turned out to be the reassessment I needed all along. Every connection and conversation became reminders of why I started this movement in the first place. The six girls surrounding me - two from Christchurch, three from Wellington and one from New Plymouth - was all it took to take my head out of the gutter.


From the planned brunch to the spontaneous photoshoot on a lookout, I’ve learned a lot from the girls last Saturday and have also been reminded of why we do what we do:

  • Women need a space for them to speak freely and share vulnerably without judgment, and this is what Her Progress continues to offer to the women in our community.

  • If you want to grow in followers, grow your numbers. If you want to grow in influence, grow your relationships. The goal is to help and inspire others, and you can only really do so when you build a supportive relationship with those around you.

  • They say that there is strength in numbers. Well, our number was two and they were strong enough to give me a wake up call on the seeds of faith that we need to keep watering.

  • Purpose is never outworked when your greatest motivator is your feelings. If I got too caught up in my own head full of doubts, I wouldn’t be able to witness a diverse community shaping right before my eyes.

  • Who you surround yourself with can make or break you. We all need people in our lives who build us up to be better, not to tear us down.


Here’s what our gals got to say about last Saturday:

“Before, I have not really understood how much women needed emotional and mental support, or how much these close gathering of women can ignite hope in a defeated heart.

With the brunch, I had the opportunity to know others better, and be open to meet great new people and gain new ideas. Her Progress provides a place where you can be honest about everything, express your issues, and gain advice without judgement on similar hurdles that you are experiencing with other women in the community. Her Progress gives you a reason to believe in your dreams and potential when you’ve lost your belief in yourself. It is important that you surround yourself with people who knows where you are coming from and where you are going. And being surrounded by people like them is a reminder that you are not alone.”

“I love Her Progress so much! I have been following them and their journey through social media last year. So when I heard that they were coming down South, I told myself, “I NEED TO BE THERE.” So last Saturday, the Wellington gals flew down to Christchurch and I finally got to meet the awesome ladies behind this beautiful platform. It was such an awesome experience, I got to know new friends and catch up with some old ones. I hope there’d be more meetings like this one in the near future!”

Now I am all fired up to keep going and keep serving you (and might need you all to keep me in check once in awhile)!

Thank you all so much to everyone who came along, especially 1) Kris: for taking our photos at the brunch and impromptu inviting us up to her place of solitude for a mini photoshoot; and 2) the gals from Wellington and New Plymouth for flying down and supporting Her Progress through and through.

I can’t wait to have more brunches down South with you all!

So, let’s get to more brunchin’ around the country! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for the dates <3

[ upcoming event: Fundraising Movie night - Alita the Battle Angel (wellington) ]