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Written in HerStory | Hollie Arnett

Counter to the popular belief of having a six-months worth of salary in the bank before starting a  freelance business, Hollie left her position as a Creative Director and Head of Design of a start-up company at the age of 22 years old and launched into her own design company full-time called Black and White Studios with a few thousand dollars in debt. Now, Black and White Studios continues to grow as a purpose-led and story-driven company with a heart to reach and teach others to cultivate their own creativity.

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Written in HerStory | Kaylan Thomson

With the knack of creating from a young age, Kaylan Thomson turned her passion for dreaming, seeing, writing and creating into a content strategy business. She is the owner and founder of Bushel & Bunch, a faith-founded content strategy and management agency for online entrepreneurs with heart, faith and mission.

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